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Making Your Own Cleaners ... in your Thermomix

I have found out how easy it is to clean my thermomix and dry it without taking it a part all the time...much to horror of my kids! LOL

Check out http://www.trtlmt.com.au/ there are lots of tips, recipes and help.  I really love the Four Blades magazines (which I get through the app)

I never realised how much a thermomix would change the way I cook...and what I cook.  I guess however there are many saying...yes, I know.  Or I told you so !

I hope to get myself organised soon and try out making some of my own cleaners and THANKYOU to the great team of TRTLMT for such an inspiring website.  http://www.trtlmt.com.au/make-your-own-cleaners/

Simply amazing!

Butter (made in Thermomix)

My family loves butter.  I mean real butter made from full fat cream.  Since recently attending a Thermomix cooking class and seeing butter made, I have started making it myself.

Today's attempt (now 3rd time I have made butter) worked really well.  To make it spreadable I added some salt (for flavour) and a couple of tablespoons of grapeseed oil.

We've tried macadamia oil in our butter to make it soft spreadable, but I can't use that for school lunches due to a nut free policy at the local school my youngest attends.

Anyway, will see how it goes.  The kids now eat a small amount of butter and in homemade biscuits, it's fantastic!

Christmas Chocolate Bark

Christmas Chocolate Bark

Christmas Cookies

I was getting ready for Christmas.   Looking at all that had to be finished and thought, need cookies (or biscuits!☺)  You know for the cuppa's when everyone us home.  Phew, I seem to drink endless cups of tea and coffee with the family at home on holidays!

So here is what I threw together.   Not saying they are healthy and I will need to trial the recipe a few more times to make sure it works.   But I'm not big on following recipes unless they are super easy.

Spice molasses cookies:

100 g butter (real, not margarine)
1/4 cup black strap molasses
200g dark chocolate,  chopped into small pieces or choc chips
1/4 cup white choc chips
1/2 cup cranberries
2 teaspoons dried ginger
1 teaspoon each if ground cloves, cinnamon,  nutmeg,  all spice (can take out cloves and reduce spices to taste)
2 cups gluten free self raising (I used 1/2 white mix and 1/2 sorghum rice flour mix)
1 cup coconut sugar
1 egg

Melt butter and molasses
Combine all dry ingredients,  add melted butter and molasses,  egg and stir well.  If needed add a lite more flour.  You want a firm mix.  (Could wrap and chill for an hour and then roll out and cut shapes)

Roll and flatten 1 tablespoon of mix onto tray lined with baking paper).  Repeat until all mix is used up or do half and wrap leftover mix in plastic or baking paper and freeze for later use.

Cook in 180°C oven for approx 12-15mins.  Cool and enjoy!

Experiment with different spices, fruit, nuts etc and create your own special cookies!

Alternatives for Christmas food

Check this out from IQS!  https://iquitsugar.com/serve-paleo-peeps-christmas/

Lots of ideas out there for a healthy alternative for Christmas... don't just focus on the food.  Take time out to share with each other, laugh, live, sing, dance.  Put away the iphone, ipad, tablet and talk.  You know face to face?!  LOL 

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