But the Kitchen Sink Mince!

I love Sarah Wilson's Simplicious Cookbook!  One receipe I really like to make (in bulk) and keep on hand is her "But the Kitchen Sink" Breakfast Mince.

I made double or triple the amount and then portion out and freeze for later use.  You know those days when you are coming home and the "Oh no!  there's nothing to eat" senarios.  Well, this easy to make recipe can fix breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I generally add heaps more veges as well as my boys are like hungry tigers!  I didn't realise how much teenage boys can eat!  This easy to make meal goes a long way if you add a fried egg or even on a bed of cauli rice or noodles.

Why not check it out?  The receipe can be found in I Quit Sugar Simplicious Cookbook.

Aussie Wellness Women Website

Have you seen the Aussie Wellness Women website yet?

You can check out this website here:

This group of women first came together to create a recipe book with the aim to raise funds for victims of domestic violence in Australia.

Find out more about these inspirational women and how to purchase the cookbook - they are simply amazing!

Thermomix Chocolate Fondant Cake

Enjoying Life

Do you ever feel like all you do is work?  Do you take time to enjoy a cuppa or share with a friend?
My daughter asked me about a recipe in the  Thermomix Basic Cookbook.   The Chocolate Fondant Cake.   It's not a cake I would make for everyday, but something for a special occasion.

Easy Meal at the end of a long day

Love Australia Day and being with family and friends.   But at the end of a long day, you just want something easy to make for dinner.

That’s where my Thermomix helps me! 


Easy coleslaw and Lamb Chops

Make homemade mayo  (TM5  follow recipe with egg straight from the chicken nest box😄)

Scrape out mayo and put into jar (refrigerate ) and with a couple of tablespoons of mayo left in Thermomix add cabbage, carrot,  apple, onion (if you want or capsicum as I did ), salt, pepper and turn to speed 4 for 2-5 seconds.  Check and scrape down sides of bowl each 2 secs.

Lamb chops?!  Get the boys on the  BBQ....easy😆

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