Yungaburra Foodmarket

Recently our town suffered a great loss when the local Foodmarket was burnt down.  I guess we never really understand how much a place means to a small town until its gone.

The owners rallied and in less than a month were operational again at a temporary location.  This is not without its challenges but shows the true Aussie spirit.

If you're in Yungaburra call into our local Foodmarket and say G'day, grab your milk and bread (veges and grocery items too!)

The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the local area.

Well done to the team at Yungaburra Foodworks - you are champions!

Cauli Rice Pilaf - 4 Blades

Check this out!

Just for something different to try

Vegetarian biryani

If you want a great, easy biryani then check out the 4Blades Magazine.  I subscribe to this monthly, but you can purchase individual mags on the app.

I have made this biryani with both rice and cauliflower 'rice' and both work really well (just don't overcook the cauli rice)

Maybe a great idea for the Christmas table or a special celebration!

Healthy Lunch Boxes

Check out the IQS ideas for a healthy school lunch.  It's always hard to please the kids (and the school).  There might be some ideas for you!

Eat Real Food

Have you checked out IQS blog on eating real food?

Why not take a look?

My family embarked on eating more real food and less(and less...and less...) processed food over the past year and we have noticed changes.  Less illness, feeling better, more even temperaments (now that has to be good!)

Simple Food....Yum!

Over the long weekend, I found Sarah Wilson's new  book "Simplicious".  Really enjoyed sitting with a cuppa (after the kids went swimming) and reading through the ideas in this book.

I have the "I Quit Sugar" and "I Quit Sugar 4 Life" books, also by Sarah.  Every book has helped my journey to taking back my health.

I know that many people are anti-quitting sugar and if that's you...ok, that's your choice and I respect that choice.  Please respect my choice.

What I have learnt over the past months - our family has not had a major illness throughout the "flu" season in winter.  We have hardly been near the chemist! We are eating better, more nutritious food, we don't go looking for sweet stuff as much.  Actually one of my kids is having trouble eating very much sweet stuff (cakes, sweet biscuits etc) and eats more nutrient dense foods.

We feel better the more we eat food that feeds our bodies and gives energy.  Kale (from our garden), spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, zucchini, celery, lettuce fresh meat from our wonderful local butcher, eggs from our chickens are foods we now look forward to.

I have to remember to have a small amount of sugar in the house for visitors...and then remember where to find it when they ask.

Everyone's journey is unique.  But I want to make a difference - in myself, my family, my community.

Enjoy the journey!

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