Being Debt Free?

My husband and I were talking about this "blogging" thing and what we'd like to share with others. One of the successful financial things we have done is to become DebtFree.
I not saying it's easy, and it does require some sacrifice but to know that you have no large debts hanging over your head helps especially in times of financial crisis or global financial situations such as we all find ourselves now.

Here's some ideas in making goals to become debt free:

1. Be honest - write a budget and work out how much income you have and how much you really spend
2. Work out how quickly you would like to become debt free and how much money you put towards paying off debts asap. But again be honest, be real, don't be unrealistic. You might need to consider a second job or a longer time plan. If you have children take this into account - they need your love and time more than a big fancy house and car or loads of toys.
3. If you are able, look at combining debt e.g. a personal loan. Talk to the companies you owe money to and ask them if you are able to come to an agreement about paying off what you owe, especially Credit Card debt.
4. Don't be afraid to ask your insurance companies/teleophone/mobile phone and internet companies for the best deal they can offer you - you might be surprised how much you can save.
5. Consider Direct Debit/regular (e.g. monthly)payments coming out of your bank accounts - often people forget to make a regular payment if they have to draw money and go themselves to pay debt.
6. Be prepared to work, consider if you really need the two or more cars, the boat in the shed that's never used. Consider having a garage sale and putting money towards mortgage/loans.
7. Ask successful people how they have become debt free - these are the ones who encourage you with sound counsel.
8. Pray - and read the Bible - there's lots of verses that give good counsel about finances.
9. Look for opportunities that you enjoy - e.g. internet based business. You may find yourself debt free and in business!

Most of all talk with your spouse/partner and don't put money ahead of what's important - family, children, living, loving/life.

Live your life to make a difference!

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