Life changes - going forward or being left behind?

Being new to the small business world (i.e. going from being an employee to small business operator), I have seen another side to business that many employees probably never get to understand. It's so different! ....but exciting and very interesting....!!!

Firstly, the money doesn't just have to go and build contacts, talk to people and promote yourself. Unless you are a "people person", that isn't always easy - at least not for me. So challenge #1 talk to people...

The life of my family has changed in the last couple of weeks from having a job to being a small business operator and finding out that you need to look at and life a little differently. It's not all bad, and it's very exciting, but it does have it's challenges.
Challenge #2 changes within life of family - promoting what's good...

Do you go online?
Which bank? Where's that list of questions that I made to ask my Accountant?
Challenge #3 ask, ask, ask...all the questions you need to...

So yes, life changes - and I need to go forward or be left behind. Going forward might not be comfortable, but it's better than being left behind!

Enjoy life and all the changes that come your way! They may different to mine and mine may be different to yours, but then if we were all the same, life wouldn't interesting. Have a great day!

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