What Drives You?

Most people have dreams, goals, hopes, wishes, desires to achieve something with their life or within their lifetime. What’s yours?

What makes getting out of bed worthwhile every-day? What gives you great enjoyment and fulfilment?

So often we are busy being busy....getting out of bed to go t work, coming home, work, preparing dinner, work, getting the kids to bed, work, going to sleep, still thinking work. Our routines are so busy we don’t allow ourselves time to stop and think.

I enjoy being able to look at the sunset, enjoy seeing a new rose flower in my garden, watch my children riding their bikes. Getting out of bed each day means I have a new opportunity to do something different – I really enjoy being a part of Christian Radio. Being able to listen to how people’s lives are changed, given hope, encouraged by positive, family-friendly programmes and music makes my day a good day.

So often we think that we have to have everything ...the new house, new car, pool, highly paid job/career, toys, clothes...and they are all great things to have, but that is not what makes life fulfilling. Can I encourage you to take the time to:
· Think about what you really want – your real dreams, those deep seated ones that you only occasionally pull out and consider – don’t reassign them to the “I’ll get back to that later”
· Set some small achievable life choices, e.g. spending Saturday afternoon as a family having a BBQ/picnic
· Action those dreams and life choices that bring fulfilment to you, and hope and encouragement to those around you.

What drives me each day is to know that in some way I can encourage another, enjoy what I have, action my dreams to make tomorrow different.
Enjoy life, enjoy dreaming, enjoy those around you, enjoy being different!


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