Love Your Coffee? I do- actually it's one of my most favorite drinks, and I've found this great new product! What I really like is that it doesn't leave that "bitter" aftertaste in your mouth. My husband isn't a big coffee drinker but even he enjoys this product - Purjava.


PurJava was developed from a search for coffee that had great coffee taste without the bitterness and acidity of regular brewed coffee. Coffee beans are obtained from growers and then shipped by air to ensure freshness.
PurJava concentrate is produced using a cold water process for a pure coffee taste. Water is filtered and then purified in a way that extracts the maximum amount of pure coffee flavor.
The concentrate produced using PurJava's proprietary process results in the smoothest concentrate available. The final step is pasteurization of the concentrate to ensure excellent flavor with an extended shelf-life.
PurJava is the smoothest coffee you've ever had with less than half the caffeine of regular brewed coffee.
Have a great week!

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