Operation Acceleration!

ARE YOU Ready?!

Check out Vision Radio Network and find out about "Operation Acceleration" which is happening for four days from Thursday 18th June 2009.

Being a partner with Vision Radio is exciting as you see the Map of Australia "growing" with dots that show where the stations are.

ForYourInformation (From Vison Radio Site):


100 new towns in just 4 days!
We feel strongly that now is the time to accelerate our efforts because time is short and the need is huge.
And we have a great opportunity before us...
We've been able to secure over 100 new licences in communities currently without Christian radio...
We need to get them on quickly!
We need funds to engage people to locate transmission sites, to purchase and install equipment and then promote these new services in each town, along with our backup services like The Word for Today and Pray For Me.
It's a big challenge but we're up for it, and have put aside 4 days in June to see it happen.
It's called OPERATION:
ACCELERATION... 4 exciting days with one goal: to raise enough funds to bring Christian radio to 100 new towns in one hit! It's never been done before... but with God ANYTHING is possible, especially when we work together in unity (buckle up!)

I love Vision Radio Network and the Voice of Hope that is being broadcast across Australia. I love Australia too! It's the best country in the world.

Enjoy Life. enjoy being different!

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