What you can do to stay out of debt for Christmas?

What can we do to stay out of debt for Christmas? Scary to think how much debt is accumulated each December isn't it?

So here's few tips to help:

put a little money away each week for presents (even holidays)
start a Christmas Account (refer to your bank)
set a budget and goal of what to spend (and not spend!)
Shop online -look at auctions sites, discount sites, etc (check them out and make sure they are the real deal)
Consider giving to charity instead of spending heaps on presents for family - you can often get a tax benefit and
do you really need to spend so much on kids or can the family reconsider what Christmas is really about and what is really important (presents are not the "all in all" of Christmas)

Your tips and ideas would also be appreciated too! Let me know at admin@sallyirvine.com
Talk soon.

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