De-cluttering my life

Well, I started with the best of intentions last week to NOT spend money!  So this morning we went to town and spent $189 on grocercies!  With all three of my children going to school this year - I am most looking forward to grocery shopping on my own.  Don't get me wrong - I don't really enjoy shopping for food,  but at least this year it should be easier ( and hopefully cheaper).  Also, with husband tagging along there seems to always be the "now how did that get in the trolley?" extras.

I've been reading through my Simple Savings 21 dollar challenge book and getting heaps of ideas, tips and receipes so I am determined to save money in the area of grocery shopping.  One successful part of de-cluttering is that my vege patch is now fenced and the chickens can't eat another $40 worth of vege seedlings!  Am slowley getting through the house cleaning out as well as the gardens.  I am now enjoying my rose garden weeded and de-cluttered and can see another 4 rose bushes are required to complete it.

Ah, the joys of dreaming, saving and spending!
Enjoy your life, your family and making a difference.

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