Doing things differently, but being careful too

We all love Facebook, twitter, etc and it's a great tool to stay connected to family and friends.  But there is a side to social websites that should cause us to remain aware as parents of whom our kids are "chatting" to.  It's great for our kids to be able to stay in touch with friends especially with our modern world of changing jobs and often changing towns or even States and sometimes country.  We should sit down with our kids and talk with them about the dangers they need to be aware of to keep themselves safe. Better yet, sit down with your child when they are online "chatting" and be apart of what they are doing.

A few tips:
  • don't have birthday public
  • don't have address public
  • consider using a screen name (not real)
  • if you don't know the "friend" don't accept them (check out "friend" first)
  • talk regularly about what's happening on sites
  • talk talk badly about other family members, friends, teachers, co-workers etc
Just a few ideas but cyber bullying and preying on innocent kids is NOT on.  We can all do our part to keep our children safe.

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