What's in our Food continued....

I have to say I am astonished at what is in our food - you know- the "healthly"stuff we're supposed to be eating that the TV ad tell us is good for us?!

There are so many "extras" added to a) preserve our food for longer shelf life, b) make it taste "better", c) replace unprocessed foods that our Great-Grandparents would have been used to.  As I reflect on what's in our food, I think my Great-Grandparents would have had a hard time getting used to our highly over processed food stuffs.  Maybe that's why they didn't have the high cases of some of our "modern"illnesses, allergies, conditions and intolerances.

The simple flavours of real food may not be so palatable to our modern society and our children are paying the price.  Their general health and well-being, behaviour and indeed many of the "conditions"that we view as almost common-place might be minimised or even eliminated if we reviewed what we eat.

Next time you go shopping check out what's in your food - you might be surprised!
(PS - if you don't know what the numbers or words that you almost can't pronounce mean - look them up)


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