What's In Our Food!!!

Presently, one of my sons is doing the Elimination Diet - Salicylates.  I can't say I find it easy although to my son's credit he is doing very well and I'm proud of him.

Whatever the outcome, our family is learning much more about what we eat - and we thought we were a fairly healthy family.  By looking at what's actually in the food we buy and then consume, we've been surprised at how much preservative and additives there are.

Having a family with an asthmatic and another with perhaps an intolerance to certain foods/preseratives, has caused us to re-think what might be allowed back in the house after the elimination diet is completed.

A few points I have already learnt:
  • you need to listen to your children and what they are saying to you
  • find a doctor who will openly listen and think more than just giving medication - they actually care enough to have the problem investigated
  • an accreditated dietician who looks at the whole picture
  • research - read, read, read before you start
  • resources:  http://fedup.com.au  This website has been a sanity-saving site for me
  • resources:  Friendly Food - RPAH Allery Unit
  • Reading labels is essential even on the "organic"food - you'll be surprised!
  • Carry a list of preseratives/additives to avoid with you when you are shopping as a reference
I'm sure we'll learn more as the weeks continue

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