Elimination Diet - what a journey

If you've been reading my last few blog posts, you soon know we've been trying to do an elimination diet for one of my children. 

Here's a few things I've learnt:
  • Read - books, labels, packaging, websites, forums - you learn a lot
  • Never assume you know it all after reading one book or listening to one person
  • Never assume you know what's in your food - you will be surprised!
  • think about your lifestyle - you will need to make adjustments, even small ones to make this diet work
  • Be prepared to really focus on a postive outcome
  • Find a dietician who will support you through the process
  • Get your family onside - not just yeah we'll help; they need to be actively a part of the process
  • Be creative with what you can use -you may come up with a new style dish the family asks for regularly
  • By fresh locally
  • Look carefully at your local industries and what they put in their products.  Many may not put the nasty preseratives and additives because they grow organic, mainly produce for the local market and want to produce quality not quantity.  Yes it may be a little more expensive, but your pharmacy and Doctor bills may be a lot lower too!
  • Keep a food diary - I am coming to realise that this is an important tool.  You start to see patterns emerge which will help your dietician and educate yourself about food choices.
  • Don't assume all "organic"means no preseratives (even natural ones).  This actually shocked me when I was investigating which foods I could safely use.
This list is not exhaustive.  I am still learning.  We have eliminated some items permantenly and many will be used with caution.  Most of all we want our kids to enjoy life and be healthy and that's what drives me to do this...


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