Local Businesses in our region

Last Saturday was the Yungaburra Markets. With well over 250 stalls there is so much diversity and unique local items available.

Two stalls I visited were:  The Spice Girls and Vanilla Australia

You can view the Spice Girls website here
You can view Vanilla Australia's website here

Walking into the Spice Girls stall was a feast of wonderful smells of spices and herbs.  To be able to talk and smell and find out more and then purchase fresh, wonderful products locally makes going to events such as the Yungaburra Markets a great experience.

The other stall I visited was Vanilla Australia.  Everytime I can get to this stall I learn more about vanilla and appreciate that these guys really work hard to produce a product that is real.  From Vanilla Australia's website:  "It is one of the most labour intensive crops and now through years of dedication and organic growing practices we are proud to finally deliver our beautiful organic vanilla essence and vanilla beans."

As I am on the lookout for healthy, local, low food miles, organic food that won't harm my family because it has no nasty additives or preseratives, these two businesses are ones I will return to.

Thankyou to the hard working, passionate local people who believe in their communities...

Enjoy being a part of life changing community!