Our journey with the Elimination Diet continues...

Last week my son met again with his friendly dietician.  Mr "Hopeful I am now finished with this diet"was rather put off being told we need to continue for another month.

So far we've learnt a few things being on this diet:
  • everything...everything you put in your mouth matters
  • being on the elimination diet (refer RPAH Friendly Foods book) is not easy but it is worthwhile
  • you have to change you attitude not just your food
  • you start feeling better
  • behaviour - it is so lovely to be able to ask a couple of times for the bed to be made instead of nagging for an hour
  • friendly, helpful attitudes - we're not going back to all the preseratives and additives - I'm seeing too much positive change
  • be calm,
  • be focused
  • be together
Oh yeah, one more vital point - keep a daily food diary.  You don't think you see much difference until you write down what you've eaten, and note behaviour, any reactions (e.g. rashes etc). Over a few weeks you get a picture that helps the dietician and you!

Be encouraged!

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