If anyone  thought doing an elimination diet was easy - here's the truth!  NO WAY!!!  Our best intentions, attitudes to food, circumstances and situations seem to sabotage our best efforts.

My son has been doing the elimination diet - and we have seen many positive outcomes so far.  But when we started I was overwhelmed with what it meant in changes to our diet - and honestly, still am although it is now a little easier.  It is much easier to control the food you eat at home.  But when you are out - well that's another story.

I cook, I cook, and then cook some more thinking I've made enough food to feed 5 hungry people (three of them must inhale their food :-) ) and it still seems that this isn't enough.  So the sabotage happens (with the best intentions - you know, feed the kids and they will be settled).  I am to blame as much as anyone in our family

How to limit the sabotage to an elimination diet:
  • take cool water in an esky and cups (yes how often do we forget these!)
  • take appropriate snacks
  • think about what you need to take if you are running late after an appointment and the kids are hungry again...
  • think outside the box - if you must buy perhaps grab a few foods from supermarket (e.g. pears, arrowroot biscuits) rather than the local takeaway
I am no expert - just a Mum who is trying to help her child.  Everyone's journey is different.

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