Supporting Each Other

As our story continues with the Elimination Diet, I realise how important it is to have positive support.  Firstly, you need support from your family. Secondly you need support from your dietician and Doctor.  We have been really blessed with such support from a number of key people.  Without such support following the elimination diet (and we're NOT doing this for weight loss) would be much more difficult.  Our GP is wonderful and our dietician has been very supportive and helping us with information and encouragement.

When our son commenced this diet we truly had no idea how much our "food"would change.  I have to say that at home it is becoming much easier just because we don't have the items that may cause potential issues there.  It is however, much harder when you're out and about.  My children are becoming much more aware of what they put in their mouths and what may not be the best choice.  I am proud of them as they consider their food choices and the impact on their health.

We are learning about the real taste of food, which isn't what we may be used to.  In our busy society today we add many extras which taste good, but when you look at what's in the product, may not be the best for our overall health.

Often on labels I read "flavours" and it is difficult to obtain information on what the "flavour"actually is.  I tend to steer clear of such foods unless I can find out - and we are feeling much better for it.

Yes our food isn't as glitzy as what you see on TV, but a number of health issues have been resolved or are not under control, and that is always better for our family.

If you are considering any diet, please see your Doctor/Health Professional qualified in this area, and speak with them first.

Enjoy Life.