A successful visit today

Today my son went back to his Dietician and we're now back on amines.  This makes my job a little easier in providing meals.  Not sure my son thinks so.  He wanted to know when he could have pineapple again ???!!! 

After the last three months being so much better, calmer and happie, I'm not too sold on the idea of making too many changes to diet.

One of the hardest parts of the diet is when we go out.  At home, it is much easier to control what we're eating because if it's not included, it's not bought.  It is much more difficult when you are out and about.

The other part that can be difficult is the labelling of foods and just how much preservatives and additivies are in our 'healthy' foods.  Organic foods are not exempt from this either.  When choosing products, check the labelling.  If in doubt, I leave it out until I can find out more. 

Arm yourself with:
  • knowledge about the elimination diet
  • knowledge about which products are suitable
  • take your list including the additives you should avoid
  • don't assume a product is 'safe'
  • time - even 6 months into our Elimination diet I still need time when shopping to check labels and products
  • having the entire family on side - it is much easier on the journey if Mum, Dad and all the children work together (and often everyone finds they all benefit)
Enjoy life - make a difference!