Around My Town - Yungaburra

Locals know it, and so do tourists.  One of the most beautiful places on earth (I am biased) is Yungaburra.  We have beautiful weather, rainforests, Lake Eacham, Lake Barrine, Tinaroo Dam, and some amazing shops tucked away just waiting to be explored.

That's what the kids and I did this afternoon.  We started exploring!  What a treasure trove of talented people we have in our town.  I've been hearing about this small collections of shops who have all recently started (in the last 12 months or less, I believe) who are passionate about what they do, and about their town.

If you look to the left of this blog you will find a list "Local Businesses - Yungaburra".  If you are one of the fortunate ones who live in the local area of the Atherton Tablelands or a little further afield,  why not spend some time in Yungaburra checking out what's here.  If you're looking to visit our fantastic local area, please take time to enjoy what's on offer.  There is coffee, wonderful, and very beautiful gifts.  You can walk, chat to the locals and enjoy all our town has to offer.

I will be adding more local business links to this website.

We're looking forward to meeting you!