Buy what is Produced In Australia

Frustrated!  It is so difficult to buy products that are actually fully produced and made in our own country.  Then add in not being able to have all the additives and preservatives, the frustration builds.  To top it all off, I go into the supermarket and look for Australian Made jam for my DH to find that almost all jam on shelves are either imported (including from the Republic of Serbia) to the 'made with local and imported ingredients' statement.  So we don't really know how much of our local produce is being used.

I am passionate about buying Australian - even recently doing a stocktake of not just food but items I buy regularly.  Out of about 90 items, I was able to find 52 produced (or made) in Australia and the rest where either a mix of local and imported ingredients or made in another country.

Australia is a nation blessed with land, water and soil able to grow an abundance of food, yet we dare I say it, blindly pick up products and don't check where they are from or what's in them.  The last few months have been a real eye opener for me as I have had to take the time to start checking what's in our food and personally as an Australian I want to know what is produced in my own country.

I know some of us probably aren't too concerned and a few will say I'm being silly, and that's OK.  Just remember that when our children have no jobs in the future, they'll let us know that as a country we sold them out.

It isn't bad to import some products, but we should be able to feed ourselves and provide our own country with food and industry.

My kids will probably have a lot to say to me in a few years when they find out that my car isn't made in Australia...mmm, may have to look at another vehicle...

Do you love Australia?  Do you support your local farmers and industry?

Something to think about.