Annatto (160b)

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"Use of natural colour annatto 160b is increasing in our food supply as artificial colours are phased out. We are concerned that annatto is considered to be a safe additive in food especially targeting young children, such as in yoghurts and in the Heinz Little Kids soft fruit bars. Thank you to Sanitarium for recently removing annatto from their product So Good Vanilla Bliss soy ice cream.
Annatto orange-yellow colour is a vegetable dye made from the seed coat of the tropical Annatto tree (Bixa orellana). In Australia it is commonly used in cereals, snack foods, dairy foods including yoghurts, icecreams and cheeses, snack foods and a wide range of other foods. It can also be called bixin and norbixin.
It is the only natural colour that has so far as been found to cause as many adverse intolerance reactions as artificial colours and to affect more consumers that artificial colours. It has also been associated with rare allergic reactions.
Adverse reactions to annatto can include skin, gastrointestinal, airways and central nervous system reactions."

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