Challenges in more ways than one!

For those who know we've been on the RPAH Elimination Diet with our No. 2 Son - here's an update.

We embarked on Challenges a few weeks ago - and for the most it's been OK.  I won't say it's easy or wonderful and my hat goes off to those Parents who find it even tougher than I have.  So far we've had very little reaction to what I was expecting.  What has shown up more has been how behavior is affected.

Really don't want to go there again foods:

  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Coconut
Not sure/suspect foods:

  • Corn
Keep in big moderation ( a couple of slices no more than 2 times a week):
  • Watermelon
I have also been highlighting in my son's food diary the challenge foods and recording suspect foods even up to 24-36 hours after he has eaten a food we're unsure about.  That's when I began to see a pattern with some foods we've been trying.  For the most part we have stuck to the Moderate/High foods with only a very few Very High Salicylates and  Glutamates.  Amines still don't appear to be a problem, but I am far more aware of the value of fresh meats and not going overboard with amines.

I didn't realise how much we had become used to buying only certain foods until the challenges because I had to write down what we were adding or I just didn't even think to buy the challenge items.  The other great thing I have noticed is that the whole family is no longer craving sweet sugary drinks/foods as much.  Often all three children will opt for water or plain milk rather than ask for a purchased drink.

We've been eating like Kings really even on a restricted diet and enjoying what we eat.  We've always sat at the table but now we spend a little more time around the table talking about each day's events.  The kids are happier most of the time.

Darling No.2 for whom we set off on this challenge still finds cleaning his room a very BIG challenge - he rather likes everything messy but we'll get there.

We go back to see our lovely Dietician in December.

I had quite a few people say things to me like, "Oh he must eat too much sugar", "how do you really know it's working?" - you know all the negative stuff people throw at you.  Well I can only answer this way- you haven't lived in our family and faced daily the challenges we have and I will take our family like NOW because I DON'T want to go to the BEFORE !  

So to all those parents who have taken on the challenge of the RPAH Elimination or FailSafe Diets, be encouraged.  You are doing your kids and your family a wonderful service and showing them that you realy do care!

For more info on Salicylates click Here


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