Joy Oh Joy

Joy Oh Joy - Chrisco arrived yesterday and the kids had a wonderful time when they came home from school.  Hmm....Joy Oh Joy, when unpacking it finally hit me how much more I need to be careful with what No. 2 Son eats!!!

Well we'll see how we go, I had put my Chrisco order wayyyyyy before we ever started on the Elimination Diet.  Thankfully we're on challenges now :-()  and there will be plenty of challenges.  Thankfully I was able to give some friends the items we really can't even look at trying and they gratefully took these things off my hands. (YAY)

So we are definitely in challenge mode- perhaps the last two weeks of school isn't the best time to continue is definitely character building if nothing else (ha ha).

Well, I guess, challenges are called 'challenges'for a reason (LOL)


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