Doesn't always go the way you plan...

Life is interesting.  It doesn't always go the way you plan.  Actually it rarely works out the way we would like.  I guess that's what makes each day interesting. DD Son on the elimination diet has been doing so well.  This past month with Christmas, parties, outings and holidays has taken a toll on him.

Today we found some non-itcy rashes on his arms which don't look great but are manageable.  To top it off he has an ear infection, sore eyes and chest.  (Did I mention he's now been twice to the Doctor in 4 years)

So we're going back on Elimination Diet and cutting out anything he does not need (everyone in family is included).  Although I need to do more preparation, I am now finding it is so much easier to shop.

Some things we have noticed:

  • When on full elimination diet -no rashes, calm, happy, clear thinking
  • When NOT on full elimination diet - rashes eventually return, unhappy, foggy thinking, not calm
Really need to stay away from additives and preservatives - these cause the most problems.... 

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