Changing our Habits?

I've been reading through Peter Pilt's Top 19 Essential Money Tips for a Happy Financial Year (click here)

We've already implemented some of these changes... yes... we did cut out our landline a couple of months ago and telemarketers for two months.  We can have dinner without annoying phone calls and we are saving money.  Considering, we had 3 mobile phones already between 5 people, I simply bought a cheap pre-paid mobile for home and keep it mainly to take messages and so the kids can call me.
I changed my own mobile phone plan and now my husband can make all his "very important"calls from 7pm-7 am and it doesn't cost me.

We keep any eye on electricity usage too!  You know the simple things like "turn off the light!" which is heard through out our house regularly.  Maybe, one day the kids will automatically remember.

Have a separate Internet bank account (you know the higher interest ones where you can't access it with a card, you have to transfer money back to a main account).  Regularly put a few dollars (or have an automatic deduction set up at each pay - easy now with internet banking).

I also pay our rates, telephone, insurance monthly, it helps with the cash flow.  Also, "pay"yourself - put a set amount (10% of wage) is a good starting figure and have it automatically transfer to a savings account.

Tithe (10%) to God - this is an "ancient pathway"that even non Christian business people use.  Something I've learnt, you can't out give God!

Well, maybe this will help inspire you as we start a new financial year!


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