A New Year - 2014

Phew! Who imagined that 2014 would descend upon us so quickly?

So who has the 'new year resolutions' firmly in place?  2013 was a year of change in our family, so much happened in both our immediate and extended family.  Yet throughout 2013 we managed to keep our sanity (just..ha..ha..) and enjoy most of the year.

Our DDS No. 2 is doing so much better now we are aware of food and the challenges it can bring.

Going back to work 3 days a week has also proven to be a challenge in organisation, household management and children movement!

So for 2014, we are:

  • eating well - cutting down BIG time on processed foods and sugar as well as being mindful of the the food intolerance issues faced within our family
  • taking time to do more family activities
  • enjoying the time spent with our amazing Church family
  • enjoy time spent with friends and extended family

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