2014 - Another Year of Change?!

Yep!  2014 will be another year of change!  Last couple of years has been a challenge with doing the Elimination Diet with DDS No. 2   I think we're finally getting there.

I now dislike the word 'diet' because everyone labels you or thinks of restrictions.  Yep.  Sally's on one her crazy diet ideas again...

Well over the past couple of months, I have been 'restricting' how much sugar we eat, especially after the Christmas season.  What have I noticed?  On the days my kids don't eat sugar laden 'healthy' cereal, icecream, cakes, cookies but have eggs, vege sticks, protein (meat), greek yoghurt (not the big flavoured ones), salad or homemade roasted or steamed veges, they don't fight, argue or get around the house grumpy.

Says something?  My boys both now in High School are working better, better able to manage their homework and other activities.  Yep sugar in house has taken a BIG back seat.  It's not gone completely, just limited.

2014 is going to be a year of challenges- Good ones!

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  1. DDS No 2 doesn't eat all the 'healthy' sugar laden cereals, usually just the elimination diet approved ones. Still, looking at them...