Coconut Oil

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I don’t know about you but for a long time I was under the false impression that all saturated fats are bad for my health and can lead to obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and all sorts of nasty crap. Coconut oil, with its 90% saturated fat, was definitely off the menu. Only in the last couple of years I realised perhaps I was wrong and that not only are naturally occurring,  unhydrogenated fats are ok for me to eat, but they can also heal and help to prevent many illnesses and diseases. Now I kick myself for missing out on all these ‘newly’ discovered benefits of a formerly evil coconut oil for 30 years of my life.
Yes, coconut oil is the new wunderkind of the dietary world – ‘the miracle oil’ – and as its popularity grows, so do the questions about its types, uses, storage and applications. It’s a staple in paleo cooking but there are many more uses of coconut oil the kitchen. That’s why I wanted to create a useful reference guide to answer common questions about the coconut oil and to give you new ideas on how to use this fantastic ingredient...more

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