But the Kitchen Sink Mince!

I love Sarah Wilson's Simplicious Cookbook!  One receipe I really like to make (in bulk) and keep on hand is her "But the Kitchen Sink" Breakfast Mince.

I made double or triple the amount and then portion out and freeze for later use.  You know those days when you are coming home and the "Oh no!  there's nothing to eat" senarios.  Well, this easy to make recipe can fix breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I generally add heaps more veges as well as my boys are like hungry tigers!  I didn't realise how much teenage boys can eat!  This easy to make meal goes a long way if you add a fried egg or even on a bed of cauli rice or noodles.

Why not check it out?  The receipe can be found in I Quit Sugar Simplicious Cookbook.

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