Sarah Wilson's Book "SIMPLICIOUS" is a favourite in my kitchen.  I've learnt heaps from Sarah - her website and books have helped transform the way my family eats.

We used to just eat potatoes, peas, corn, more potatoes, pasta, more pasta.

But now?  Kale, cabbage, beetroot, fennel are regular additions to our diet.  Truthfully we don't eat white potato except on rare occasions - like a special treat "fish n chips" or if we are given potatoes. Usually we eat sweet potatoes but not everyday.

Whilst my freezer used to be filled with meat (we still do eat meat) often you will find bags and containers of cauli rice, broccoli and cauli stems diced, diced carrots, celery and zucchini.  Bags of kale and yes sometime bone broth.

A favourite I like to cook is steamed veges in the steaming attachment of my Thermomix - loaded up with zucchini, cabbage, fennel, carrot, celery, capsicum, peas, kale, spinach.

Another favourite I use my Thermomix steaming attachment for is cauli rice.  I find this is easiest way to prepare whilst sorting out a protein component (usually mince, or steak or maybe....slow cooked pulled beef or lamb...yum!)

So thanks Sarah!  Keep up the great work and receipes...

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