Returning To School

I am sure that many have seen the recent social media posts (rants?) about the costs associated with returning children to school, especially if they happen to go to a public school.

To be honest, I find it surprising that society expects the government to pay all costs.  In many countries there are children who do not have the privilege of education unless their families make huge sacrifices to pay.

In Australia, and we call ourselves "the lucky country" education is 'cheap'.  Perhaps this is why we don't take it more seriously.  If someone chooses to send their child/ren to a private school we accuse them of being rich.  This however, may not be the situation.  Many families who are not 'rich' sacrifice because they believe that education is important and choose to send their children to a private school.

I am not choosing sides about public or private education.  I chose the public education sector and my children have done very well.  I advocate strongly that there is a lot of success in our public schools.  Meeting parents whose children attend private schools has also shown me that there is a great success in this sector as well.

Does public education cost?  Yes.  Why should we have it for nothing?  I used to believe that education should be free.  Well no more.  I have learnt that what is free, people abuse.  

If it costs us a few hundred dollars, or even a couple of thousand dollars to put our kids through public education, what is that compared to helping them set up for their future?

Perhaps we should look at the positives?  If someone is in a situation where they are struggling, come alongside them and help.

We can all help our children.  It may be as simple as giving up a couple of takeaway coffees a week and creating a budget to set aside funds for schooling.  After all, we know that school books, fees (which really are small in the public schooling sector) and uniforms are part of going to school.

Don't blame the government, the schools or society.  We choose to have our children - and in loving them education is a wonderful gift we give them.  After all, we don't want our children to have it tough, or do we?

I am sure that some will react to my 'rant' here.  Please be respectful of others opinions.  Create a conversation by all means, but without belittling others.

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