~Pantry Staples for Slow Cooking~

~Pantry Staples for Slow Cooking~

Check out the above link which gives you a great head start if you are slow cooking.

Herbs (fresh and dried) really help with slow cooking as does lemons and limes; just to give the meal a 'lift'.

I'm sure as you read through the pantry list you will also add your own 'staples'.  If you keep a written list handy you can easily see what you need, what you have on hand or what you'd like to try!

One of my favorites is the Thermomix stock concentrates -vegetable, chicken and beef.  I also keep a handy supply of dried herbs, dried onion and garlic and paprika.

Frozen veges:  prepackaged and lots that I cut up and freeze especially when they are in season and cheaper.

Meat:  Diced beef (sometimes pre-done by butcher and sometimes I cut up and package before freezing); meatballs (make up before freezing); chicken (diced up and packaged before freezing)

Although you really don't feel like meal prepping after you have been to the supermarket and then lugged groceries in and out of the car, meal prepping really does save time, especially on those "I am so tired I don't feel like cooking" days!

What's your go to list for slow cooking?

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