What I've Learnt Today!

This past week has been interesting!  Suddenly finding that my domain names for my websites were not working and trying to fix them...you are asking someone who isn't that tech savy.  Well this  morning I have achieved one goal!  www.lifechangingcommunity.com is back up and running.

How?  Well google, of course!  LOL

I found this youtube video which helped a lot:


The journey of re-establishing my blogger site to my custom domain is one I hope won't have to be repeated too often.

What I can say?

  • keep log in details and make sure they are up to date
  • never assume anything!
  • keep your billing details up to date 
  • seek help (Youtube has helped out so often)

Now, if I can just work out my other site, then I will have learnt more.  It would be easier if both domains were through the same domain registrar, but no, that's not to be.  The things you learn over the years.

Well www.lifechangingcommunity.com is back up and running and I will soon have some new posts up.

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