Changing Pace

Life is busy.

We choose whether to make life busy or not busy.  We choose what we do - in work, family, hobbies, community, personal time.

Often we allow others to dictate how busy we will be and the consequences can be disastrous to us personally, to our marriage and family.  Why do we allow this?  Well, simply, we just don't want to be accountable or it gives us the opportunity to say, "It's out of my control".

However, crazy your life is, choose to make one small change this week.  It could be as simple as spending 10 minutes without any phones, tablets, computers, TV, etc.  Just go sit quietly outside in the garden and just breathe.  Maybe you want the family to re-connect - why not choose one meal when everyone is home and have a basket for devices to go in just for that meal.  It might not be dinner, it could be breakfast or lunch - whichever suits your family's lifestyle and just talk.

Maybe go for a walk with your spouse around the block or through the park a few times a week so you can both re-connect.

At the end of our life do we want to say we made it to the top of our game or do we want to look back and realise that we invested in the relationships that mattered most to us?

Something to think about..

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