Friday, December 16, 2022

Right Now!

Right now - where are you in your dreams, life, job, and plans?
Content? Perhaps you're between jobs, looking for a change, wanting to embrace a dream or use your talents to create your own business?

There is only one (1) of you. Whatever your past, you are one of a kind. Unique! How can you embrace your experiences, talents and skills to make a difference in your life and your community?

In the book of Esther, we read about a young woman whose life was interrupted by a king. Did she have control of her life? Probably not, as far as being gathered with other young women, placed at the Palace, given beauty treatments, etc. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? However, Esther was not able to go before the King unless summoned. Her life was dictated by another. 

Yet, when Esther had to face hard decisions, she fasts and prays, asking others of her faith in the city come alongside her and do the same.

Her uncle tells Esther, "The fact is, even if you remain silent now, someone else will help and rescue the Jews, but you and your relatives will die. And who knows, you may have gained your royal position for a time like this.”
Esther 4:14 GW

Esther made a choice to live her life to make a difference. That she was an orphan, brought up by her uncle, taken by the King, made a queen didn't stop her from living out her faith and relying on her God.

There is much in our world we have little control over. That should never stop us from living to make a difference. Being different will cause some to come alongside you, and others to walk away.

But you - you have a choice to live to be different, make a difference. 

How will you impact and improve your sphere of influence today?

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