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Prayer, Plan, Prepare

  All this also comes from the Lord Almighty, whose plan is wonderful, whose wisdom is magnificent. Isaiah 28:29 NIV "Prayer, plan, prepare" emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from the Lord, creating a strategy, and taking action to achieve a desired outcome. It can be a helpful reminder for those looking to accomplish personal or professional goals. Here are some ways to apply "Prayer, plan, prepare" in your daily work process. Prayer: Start by seeking inspiration and guidance from reading Scripture, reflecting, and spending time with the Lord in conversation. Plan: Once you have gathered inspiration and guidance, create a plan that outlines your goals, the scope of your article, event, or project, and the timeline. Consider real factors such as budget, resources, and any potential challenges that may arise. Prepare: With a plan in place, it's time to act. Begin by preparing the necessary materials and resources and start executing your pla

Designing A Workspace that Inspires both Work and Passion

 Do you see your business or job solely as a means of generating income, or do you view it as a pursuit of your passion?  This is a critical question to consider when it comes to designing a workspace that is both functional and inspiring. A workspace that is purely functional may not provide the level of motivation and creativity necessary for pursuing a passion, while a workspace that is solely designed for aesthetics may not be practical for generating income. If you have clients presenting to your premises, is the workspace functional, tidy, welcoming, or cluttered, disorganized, and uninviting? If your business is online, what do people see behind you as you communicate with them? Tasteful, inspiring backgrounds or chaotic, muddled piles and paperwork? Therefore, balancing functionality and creativity is essential to creating a workspace that is conducive to both work and passion. Whether you are generating an income, studying, assisting Not-For-Profit organizations, or paying the

Where Do You Find Your Safety?

  The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10 This verse reminds us that the Lord's name provides protection and safety for righteous people who seek refuge in it. The Bible provides guidance and wisdom to Christians around the world. As part of the book of Proverbs, this verse is just one example of the many pieces of inspired wisdom. This verse highlights the importance of seeking refuge in the Lord's name. It is a powerful reminder that we are not alone in this world and that it is God to whom we turn for support and guidance. Whether you are facing challenges in your personal life, or workplace, or simply seeking greater understanding and connection with the world around you, the Bible is our valuable resource to draw upon, along with prayer and being part of the Christian community. The idea of seeking refuge in the Lord's name is a common theme throughout the Bible. Within Scripture, many verses speak to the importan

Walking on the Right Path: Creating a Radiant Workspace for Success

Bible Verse to reflect on Psalm16:11 (MSG) Just as walking with God directs us onto the right path, having a well-designed workspace can help us excel in our chosen field of expertise. It's helpful to create a space where you can create, reflect, and work from.  By following these tips, you can create a space that is both functional and inspiring, helping you stay motivated and focused on your goals. Use natural light to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Incorporate reflective surfaces such as mirrors or metallic accents to add to the radiance. Choose colors that evoke joy and positivity, such as sunny yellows or calming blues. Create a focal point in the room that represents your life's purpose, such as an inspiring quote or a piece of art that speaks to you. Incorporate elements of nature such as plants or natural materials to create a sense of grounding and connection. Choose furniture and decor that is functional and comfortable, so that you can fully enjoy and enga

Are You Intentional?

Many of us run. Some physically run for exercise,  however,  many run in their minds and in their busyness to accomplish tasks. If you were to ask a working mum what her day looks like, she's probably going to say something like,  'I just run from one task to the next '.  Her running isn't a physical race to win, but an emotional,  mental, physical amount of tasks she's striving to complete.  When do you stop? How do you hit the 'pause' button long enough to breathe?  As a a working mum and wife, it's hard to stop for yourself.  I am not just talking about those of us who go to a workplace owned by someone else.   All mums and wives are working,  whether it's a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), WFHM )work-from-home-mum), employee,  or self-employed.  Ps 46:10 says, ... “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Can I encourage you to take time to stop, breathe, stay still, just for a few minutes?  

Are You Grateful for Your Team?

Recently, my husband and I went to view the overflow at Tinaroo Dam in Far North Queensland. Although we live in this beautiful part of Australia, we forget to take time to enjoy the natural and man-made resources around us. Tinaroo Dam is a valuable resource to this area - it ensures that the drier areas around Mareeba have water (through a channel system), local towns have water, and it provides opportunities for recreational activities and recreational activities sustaining local wildlife and farming land. As I was reflecting, I realized that often we often forget to express appreciation to our Team.  The "Team" may be where we work, or a local N-F-P group we are part of, it might be our family or close friends who get together to support us. Life happens and becomes busy.  We are often so busy doing life, that we forget to stop and live life! So, today, how can you affirm your Team? How can you express your gratitude? Let's go out for a coffee together, or even a quic

Decluttering - more than just cleaning out a space

When some people hear the word 'Declutter', they inwardly groan, roll their eyes, or make excuses. For years, I held onto 'stuff'. There was no real reason except, that in the back of my mind, I reasoned it might be needed one day and we had worked hard to obtain it. Then in 2020, the world turned upside down. We began going through the stored boxes in the shed. Opening some of the boxes revealed items that had been packed from moving back in 2007!  During the Christmas holidays at the end of 2020, I began the process of 'decluttering' the house. Beginning wasn't easy. I read articles, watched shows, and started small. After winter and then after again Christmas, I always felt overwhelmed by so much stuff around the house. Everyday cleaning seemed to be moving items around but never decreasing the volume of things. We had talked about installing furniture to display our treasured pieces. So beginning with the bookcase, then progressing to wardrobes, kitchen