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Friday, March 15, 2024

Local Events in your community and region

Are you aware of the local events taking place in your community and region? Every week, communities across Australia plan, and host events to promote their towns, activities, festivals, and regular celebrations.

So how can you:

  • find out about upcoming events
  • participate in events
  • promote events.
Finding out about events in your local community and region isn't all that difficult.  Simply begin by visiting your local information centre, googling, going to the local Facebook noticeboard for your town, or looking up your regional council events calendar.

There are always events and opportunities to connect with your community taking place.

For example:  Here in Yungaburra we have a monthly "Sunday afternoon in the park" event where local performers can showcase their bands and talent to our local community. (Reference:

My local community is always hosting events to encourage connection.  We have monthly markets, an annual book fair, monthly N-F-P group meetings for various interests, and groups that work together to promote our local environment, classic vehicles, sports, and the wider region.

Participating in events?  A suggestion is to simply attend some of the promoted events and take a look.  There's an opportunity to meet people and make connections.  You may find like-minded people and a group where you fit. 

Promoting events - what skills and talents do you have that could assist groups and n-f-p organisations to promote their events?  Can you use social media well or have the ability to write promos, take photos, or event planning?  Getting involved may mean some of your time, but your involvement helps to create a more positive community and a means of connection.

What do you know about your community?  How can you use your skills to enrich the area in which you live?