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Friday, March 1, 2024

Event Planning (so you have an idea)

So, you have an idea!  That’s great.  How do you execute this idea from simply that, an idea to an actual event?

When tasked with ensuring a successfully planned event, what are the first steps that you need to undertake?

Timeline and initial planning -

What is the event for and who do you want to invite/expect? Will the event be open to the public, is registration required and is there a cost?

What do you expect to achieve from this event,

Budget and reporting - cost of event and costs to plan and execute event? How will you fund this event?

Venue for the event (Risk Management and insurance, technical equipment required, staging of the event, security, permits (e.g. RSA),

Date/s and time/s of event,

Presenters and speakers – what is their availability and what needs do they have regarding accommodation, catering, transportation and health.

Staffing requirements: will you have paid staff or volunteers, or a mixture?  What crews are needed for planning, set-up, working through the event, and then pulling down/tidying up.

Advertising (Print/social media/website) and invitations – printed/online/ticket sales/registration),

Required travel and accommodation – is access easy to transport people or park vehicles, will people need to fly or drive, can they use public transport?

Catering for the event (food and beverages).

Whilst there is much to be considered and undertaken, with some forethought and proficient follow-up and planning, a successful outcome can be obtained.

Firstly, set up a timeline leading up to the event itself.  When is the event to be held – and what do you need to ensure that this will be a successful event?

As you will require funds to ensure a successful event, begin researching on costs of venue, catering, insurance, travel, advertising, staffing, registration, staging the event (how it is presented), technical equipment, cost of presenters/speakers, time needed for ensuring each person involved knows what their role is and how to undertake that role, etc.

Tip:  Have a “Plan A” and a “Plan B”