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Friday, March 8, 2024

Event Planning (don’t be afraid to ask for help)

 To successfully ensure your event runs smoothly, you will need help. Even a small-scale event runs better if you have help.

If you are planning a small afternoon tea for an executive group, it might be as simple as booking a table at a café and advising the date and time, plus any dietary needs, as well as advising tea/coffee preferences and who will be paying the invoice and how.

Larger events can run more smoothly if you enlist the help of others, whether paid staff or volunteers.

Some help you may need:

A person assigned to the registration table to ensure delegates/attendees are registered and given any items for the events (program/sponsorship promos),

Someone to collect speakers/presenters from the airport/train station, etc,

Someone to help you oversee the final preparations of accommodation, catering, and staging (decorating).

Someone to help you ensure permits/insurance and advertising are met.

Tip: Communication is key!  Ensure you provide regular communications to registered attendees, staff (and volunteers), sponsors, and your managers.

Ensure you keep invoices, receipts, and financial paperwork and continue to update the budget to reflect what is taking place.

Have your paperwork ready and together so that all agreements, insurance, permits, risk management and incident reports, etc. are easily found, should you need them.

Tip: write up a post-event report and note what was successful and what could have been better.  If asking attendees for comments, take note of both positive and negative comments for future planning.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Diary planning and Scheduling meetings

 Diary planning…scheduling meetings!!!

Do you groan with frustration when this task is next on your list, or do you find it easy?  From many years of scheduling meetings and adding tasks, events, etc into different managers’ diaries, I have found that the main component of concise, well-planned diary management versus frustration, stress, and ‘pull-your hair-out’ diary planning and scheduling is one simple word:  Communication!

Communication is key to ensuring:

·        Meetings are planned with breaks, appropriate notes and reports, and travel time allowed (if required),

·        Meetings are concise and all attendees know the time allotted and the reason for the meeting,

·        The diary is well-maintained with appropriate information included and easy for the manager and assistant to review quickly.

When communication is poor, the secretary/assistant arranging meetings and scheduling the diary will be frustrated, not able to include appropriate documentation or information and then often feels that the task is overwhelming.  I have been in different areas of both paid and not-for-profit where people assigned to scheduling meetings put it off and then the meeting/s do not accomplish their purpose.

Some tips that may help:

·        I cannot stress enough how important COMMUNICATION is to successfully plan meetings.

·        Review daily/weekly the meetings that need to be arranged and book them as early as possible.

·        Gather all documentation required (reports/data/plans) and have the required number of copies ready for attendees.

·        You may find using color coding in the diary system helpful.

·        Ensure an email is sent after you have phoned to book an appointment, confirming the appointment/meeting.

·        Send a follow-up email 24 hours prior to the meeting as a confirmation.

·        If you need to postpone/cancel a meeting, do so as early as possible and if required, re-book.

·        Have your scheduled meeting list ready and all your folders/documents together so that you can quickly access the required information.

Communicate with co-workers/volunteers as required to advise when you will be available to speak between meetings so that interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Hopefully, some of these tips are helpful and I am sure you will have more to add from your years of experience.